Why I shop at Harris Teeter

There are two reasons why I do most of my grocery shopping at Harris Teeter...
  • In the town that I live, Harris Teeter is the only store that will double coupons (up to $0.99).
  • I can use two coupons for buy one get one free deals (some stores will only allow one coupon).
You can get the best deals when you combine a sale item with a coupon that doubles or a BOGO deal with a coupon that doubles.  I have gotten quite a few free, or incredibly cheap, things this way.

There are a lot of stores throughout the country that will double coupons.  Check your local stores to see what their policy is.  Go to one of my favorite sites, Money Saving Mom, and see how much money you can save at your store by combining coupons with their deals.

Go here to see Harris Teeter's coupon policy in detail.