Monday, February 14, 2011

CVS Shopping Trip - $2.99 spent on $21.97 worth of items

CVS has a lot of great deals this week which was a relief to me because my extrabucks were about to expire (extrabucks have a one month lifespan).  Like I said in my other CVS post, it is best to purchase items that generate as many extrabucks as possible and to use those extrabucks to buy more items that generate more extrabucks...  And so on and so forth.  I was saving my extrabucks in hopes that there would be a week like this.

Between sales, coupons and extrabucks, yesterday I spent $2.99 for all of the items above...

...And then I received $13.58 in extrabucks.

Here's how I did it...

Item:  Herbal Essences Conditioner - 2 for $5.97
Store Deal:  Receive $2 ecb wyb 2
Coupons:  1 coupon for a free product, 1 coupon for $1 off
Final Cost: both items free

Item:  Listerine Total - $3.99
Store Deal:  Receive $2 ecb wyb 1
Coupons:  $1 off manufacturer's coupon (Sunday paper)
Final Cost:  $1

Item:  Colgate Senesitive Toothpaste - $3.79 (I purchased 2)
Store Deal:  Receive $3.79 ecb wyb 1
Coupons: $1 off manufacturer's coupon (Sunday paper)
Final Cost: Free + $1 overage

Item:  Men's Speed Stick - $2.99
Store Deal:  Receive $2 ecb wyb 1
Coupons: $0.50 off manufacturer's coupon (Sunday paper)
Final Cost: $0.50
  • If this was my first purchase ever, I would have paid $13.98 out of pocket and received $13.58 in extrabucks.
  • Because I have been shopping at CVS for a while now, I already had $10.99 in extrabucks from my previous trip which made my subtotal $1.55.  Because you have to pay tax on items before coupons, my grand total ended up being $2.99.

I haven't been keeping track of my CVS trips but I thought maybe I would start now.  So... Let's say this was my first trip ever and I'll post every time I go to CVS to see how much I spend vs. how much I save.

Total before coupons (tax included):  $21.97
Total after coupons (tax included): $13.98
Total after extrabucks used: $0
Extrabucks received: $ 13.58
Total out of pocket:  $13.98
Total out of pocket to date: $13.98

This sale will last until Feb. 19.  If you're planning on taking a trip to CVS, I would go early in the week.  They will most likely be out of these items by Thursday.

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