Sunday, January 30, 2011

My shopping trip to Harris Teeter - 74% savings!

If you have ever considered clipping coupons but haven't tried it yet, this would be a good week to give it a shot...  Especially if you have a store nearby that doubles coupons...  And are considering having a Super Bowl party.  I won't be going to a party next Sunday but I will be eating plenty of nachos over the next couple of weeks.

Knowing that there would be some good coupons today, I bought two newspapers.  The two tubes of toothpaste, which I got for free, were enough to cover the cost of them.  Not that I really need more toothpaste...  Matt's mom, Sharon, gifted us with enough toothpaste to last us for a while.  But, hey, free is free and now I won't need to buy toothpaste for months.

Anyway.  Harris Teeter has some pretty good deals this week (until 1 Feb) and, combined with the coupons in today's paper, I spent $12.41.  I saved $34.08 which is a 74% savings.  Just to put things into perspective... I don't know if you have noticed but the Tostitos are family size bags.  At regular price, they run about $5 each.  Which means $12.41 couldn't even pay for two bags of chips and one jar of salsa.

**  To be able to get the sale price at Harris Teeter, you will need to have a store savings card.  If you don't have one, just go to the customer service desk and apply for it.

Coupons from 1/30 newspaper (Florida Times Union)

Tostitos Salsa :  $3.19 ea
On sale, BOGO, which makes it $1.60 ea - $.50 coupon (doubles to $1) = $.60 ea

Tostitos Family Size tortilla chips:  $5.00 ea
On sale, BOGO, which makes it $2.50 ea - $.55 coupon (doubles to $1.10) = $1.40 ea

Pace Picante Sauce: $2.69 ea
On sale for $2 - $.60 off 2 coupon (doubles to $1.20) = $1.40 ea

Pace Picante Salsa Verde:  $3.45
On sale for $2 - $.60 off 2 coupon (doubles to $1.20) = $1.40 ea

Wacky Veggie Pasta: $1.65
On sale, BOGO, which makes it $.83 - $.40 coupon (doubles to $.80) = $.03 ea

Colgate Toothpaste: $2.89
On sale, BOGO, which makes it  $1.44 - $0.75 coupon (doubles to $1.50) = FREE

Online Coupons

Wholly Guacamole: $2.29
$2.29 - $1.50 coupon (no longer available) = $.79

Breakstone Sour Cream: $2.39
On sale, BOGO, which makes it $1.19 - 0.55 coupon (doubles to $1.10) = $.09 ea

On sale, No coupons

Harris Teeter Canned Tomato with Green Chili: $.99
On sale, $.45 ea

There are lots of great coupons in today's paper.  Buy one and come back to see what else you'll be able to save on.


  1. How is the CVS card working out? I need to get on this coupon band-wagon! Finances are definately not like the good ole days with our Frankfurt shopping trips:) Miss ya and love your blogs!

  2. Hey Monica!

    Shopping at CVS is really great. I still have to spend some money sometimes (because a lot of the times its like... Buy mascara for $7 get $2 ECB back) but if you clip coupons and try to buy the products that generate the most ECBs, you still get a great deal. Anyway, hope that makes sense to you. I should start posting the things that I get from CVS. I haven't shopped there too much lately because I'm super stocked on most things toiletry but I did recently get some mouthwash for free!
    Remember how Christy drove around the city and we had no idea where we were going? HA! I was so scared!! Miss you too and thanks for reading! We still have to get together one of these days!