Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why I will never again spend more than $1.00 for cheese

I try to eat healthy...  For the most part.  My lunch at work usually consists of romaine lettuce and tomato topped with about about 1 1/2 cups of raw broccoli...  Topped with about the same amount of shredded cheese.  Okay, maybe not quite a cup and a half but nevertheless a lot of cheese.

Not only do I eat a lot of cheese at work, I also eat a lot at home.  It is hard to keep paying for such an addiction, especially when the cheapest you can get 8oz of cheese is around $2.00. 

Lately I have been able to get a lot of brand-named cheese for a $1 or less by using my coupons during sales.  I have a good stock in the fridge so far.  Hopefully it'll be enough to last me until the next great bargain comes along...

Oh, wait.  Here's another deal courtesy of Totally Target.  Never again will I pay over a $1 for cheese.

At Target KRAFT shredded and block cheese are on sale for $2 each.  Use the two coupons below to get them for $0.88.  Remember, you can use both a manufacturer's coupon and a store coupon for the same item.  **KRAFT Touch of Philadelphia may not be included in the sale at some stores.

$1 off 2 KRAFT Shredded Cheese with a Touch of Philadelphia** (Vendor coupon)
$1.25 off 2 KRAFT Shredded or Block cheese  (Target coupon)

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